The Sacred Gift

Isn’t it about time to start considering research on Intuition?

intuition-quotes-6After writing my blog on narratives, I started reading a lot on storytelling (personal & corporate), as well as on identity narrative and so on. The whole idea why my literate journey is going that way I think is because I’m completely intrigued with the power of our intuition. What is the link between them you might ask? Well, I’m starting to get a grasp on that one. However, any research on intuition is very limited, let alone any literature on it… My question is: isn’t it about time?
Why? You might ask. Well, the more I coach people, the more I’m simply experiencing that as a coach it is not really up to me to find the right questions for the coachee, but merely to get the coachee in touch with his or her intuition and that the right questions come from there. Whether it is about more psychological issues, or about professional issues, it actually works for any issue. The ‘bad’ or ‘insecure’ feeling a person might have disappears as soon as that question coming from intuition is asked out loud.

After some communication with Mike Lehr (renowned President at Omega Z Advisors in US and author of ‘The Feminine Influence in Business’) we started emailing and this is what he thought of intuition: At least initially it seems our intuition prompts us in specific directions. As it develops, it begins to tell us things. Intuition is very much the problem solving “engine” of our unconscious. In this sense, intuition is to our unconscious as cognition is to our conscious. In many ways, our intuition is the first awareness we have that our unconscious is trying to speak.

And I completely agree with him on that. But we have to consider the psychological traits of narrative to be able to start grasping what our unconscious is trying to say, since the narrative is maybe the bridge between the unconscious and our conscious. It is through the story features that the uncomprensible unconscious becomes comprehensible.

The challenge for me as a coach is to scratch the surface to get to that intuition where the right question is and probably the answer already with it. How many people haven’t you heard saying: “at some level I always knew this”?

The anwer or some sort of “action plan” to deal with these intuitive questions come with a whole new range of questions, uncertainties, challanges etc but more on the cognitive level. And actually that is where the truly fun part of coaching starts where it doesn’t take long to see major progressions in achieving goals and level of happiness of the coachees.

So, again, I wonder why this problem solving “engine” isn’t worth the time, the effort or the seriousness for scrutiny, since any problem solving trait has always proven its worth in personal, creative & business problems? 


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